Alabama Crimson Tide Travel Hanging Organizer

$19.99 $49.99
  • Travel with peace of mind that all your essentials are kept organized and off of your clothes with this licensed Organizer distributed exclusively by Charm14.
  • Our organizer features brilliant primary and secondary team colors and is embroidered with your favorite team's logo on both sides for when open in use and when folded closed during travel.
  • Measuring 12" W x 29" H x 1.5" D it rolls to a convenient packing size.
  • Features four clear zippered pockets to hold everything from jewelry and makeup, to travel sized hygiene products.
  • Bottom of organizer is full colored zippered pocket for all your personal items!
  • Organizer is topped with metal hanger for easy hanging to the door.
  • Securely closed with 2 straps for traveling purposes!
  • Perfect for everyday use in the bedroom, bathroom, dorm rooms or traveling!
  • ***Please note there maybe slight flaws on some of these hanging organizers.  Some ink from the outer material could pass onto the plastic causing some discolored plastic in small spots when the item folds together. This is not in sewing workmanship error or hinder any functional use.  Just minor ink mark on plastic may be the issue.***

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