Cell Phone Purse - Grape PursePlus Quilt with Touchscreen

$25.95 $29.99
When a small quilted bag is all you need…..
The Brand New PursePlus Q.

Fits All Phones!
Our new quilted pattern featuring a larger touchscreen pocket enables many more smartphones to fit. Use it as a purse or a wallet. Either way it’s perfect for traveling, moms on the go, students, theme parks, sporting games and more.
  • The Purseplus Q is designed to fit the largest phones such as iPhone10, iPhone8, iPhone8 Plus, iPhone7, iPhone7Plus, iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus and all other large smartphones inside the back clear pocket.
  • This feature enables you to use your touchscreen features without taking it out of the purse. If you have a bulky case then just put in the newly designed front pocket.
  • The new slim design enables it to fit under your jacket for increased security
  • The increase size allows for more essentials such as passports and other items to be carried.
  • Fits EpiPen, Asthma Inhaler and many other medical devices.
  • Adjustable long shoulder/waist strap 24”-60”
  • Short wristlet strap
  • Size: 8"H x 4.50"W x 2"D
  • Material: Cotton/ Poly

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