Credit Card RFID Protector Wallet - Charm14

Credit Card RFID Protector Wallet

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  • RFID PROTECTION--Made from the highest quality materials and equipped with RFID scanner protection,this aluminum wallet is the perfect modern accessory. When you combine the light yet robust design with the security of RFID protection,the aluminum wallet and credit card holder offers the luxury of both convenience and greater peace of mind.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT--Combination strength,durability and security with the convenience of light material.Weighing less than one ounce (when empty),this aluminum wallet provides increased protection without the weighty bulk.
  • DURABLE--Stain and impact resistant,this aluminum wallet is a perfect fit for those with an active lifestyle.
  • MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS--With a broad range of available colors,you can pick one up today and sleep easier at night knowing that not only have you thwarted the scheming wallet scanning villains,you have also managed to do so in style!
  • COMPACT and SLIM DESIGN--Seven slots with capacity for up to 12 credit cards.It is a necessity when you are on vacation or traveling overseas.It is also great for using when you are on public transport or in crowded places.

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